Miss Katie Cunningham

Some might find it unrealistic to take a risk and follow your dreams, but founder of INTOXICATED ART, Miss Katie Cunningham, has a story that will prove the disbelievers wrong. Miss Katie has a long history with art, gaining basic skills through High School and Junior High and teaching herself the rest! Her passion to create inspiring pieces truly blossomed at the age of 21 when she purchased her first home. Filling the walls with her own distinct style was a challenge that turned into a lifelong love of creating fine art.

INTOXICATED ART was born of this passion. Her bold personality melds with an ever expanding technique to not only paint during live events and offer custom works, but also to be a strong advocate for mental health.

Her advocacy is a welcoming home for those who may not believe in themselves; she does it with a positive outlook and a willingness to share her personal struggles with hopes of inspiring others to follow their dreams.

Miss Katie is open to all kinds of live painting engagements from fundraisers to weddings, sharing her vibrant charisma with everyone in the room to create an elegant and sophisticated style of entertainment for her audience. She thrives on offering custom pieces like beloved pets and human portraiture, always seeking growth and maturation of her natural talents. Never shy about sharing herself, her social media presence is unabashedly her, displaying her techniques and commitment to her artistic growth with humour and vivaciousness.

Her inclination to do animal portraits stems from her lifelong love of animals. She has been a foster-mom for kittens with WHARF rescue for many years, adding to the emotion in her work.

Her paintings themselves are a satisfying mixture of raw and refined, celebrating her journey as a predominantly self taught painter. Throughout her development, Miss Katie has also worked with pencil shading and water colour, fearlessly redefining who she is as an artist. Her heartfelt renditions of pets and humans alike is a testament to her empathy for others and a zest for living her best life!

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